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Curing the system takes more than money

Date published: 5/28/2014

It is tiring to hear the repeated demands of people who want more "free money" from the federal government.

There is no free money. People should ask themselves where the money comes from, and then gather themselves, their children and grandchildren all together to look in a mirror.

While the government is trying to force-finance programs for which there have been insufficient funds for decades, our nation goes deeper and deeper into debt ($20 trillion) to our foreign creditors.

Having some accountability for spending in excess of income is necessary and requires some self-sacrifice.

Costs for medical care are out of control.

Diseases that do not exist--such as fibromyalgia, a democratically determined symptom complex established by the number and locations of aches and pains, which has no pathological correlation and is prevalent among females with a history of depression and others who enjoy a sedentary lifestyle, predisposing them to aches and pains upon exertion--are a boon to doctors.

Fraud is rampant within the system: unnecessary surgery, over-prescribing of medications, insurance fraud and the list goes on.

Yes, bona fide patients are suffering and not being treated because of lack of financing. Insurance companies gather in the money; control the patients, doctors and drug companies; and now the government is trying to control all of them.

I treated patients for 40 years without ever considering their ability to pay. If they had no means to pay, too bad for me. Some gave me baked goods, a payment not allowed by the Medicare/Medicaid codes. Now it is illegal for physicians to charge less than they charge Medicare.

Hopefully, realistic attempts to cure the illnesses within the system cannot be thwarted simply by those who would keep their palms extended for more and more "free money."

William M. Chadduck, M.D.