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Fox not the only network to offer slanted content

Date published: 5/29/2014

Froma Harrop worked hard to accomplish multiple goals in her May 20 op-ed, not the least of which was to broadly slam Fox News ["Bundy circus was a lesson for Paul, others"].

Unfortunately, she engaged in the same tactics that she accuses them of, emotion building and storytelling being two.

I find it sad that Ms. Harrop used only one news item to support her opinions. Her statements would have had a great deal more validity had she chosen to include other news items such as Benghazi (a story that would never have been told without Fox's Catherine Herridge), Veterans Affairs or the IRS targeting probe.

But if she was aware of the difference in coverage among multiple news outlets, of these important news stories, she might not have written her column with the same slant.

Fox News, CNN and MSNBC are called cable news networks. This means that their programming relates to news items and current events. It does not mean that all programming is a "news broadcast."

All three networks engage in vast amounts of debating, pontificating, explaining and interpreting. None of that is appropriate or acceptable as part of a true news broadcast.

Do not shove me, as a Fox viewer, into a pit labeled "Those who don't know better" simply because I choose to watch some of Fox's programming.

Over the years I have found their news programs to be more thoughtful and thought-provoking than their competitors.

Ms. Harrop would probably benefit from paying closer attention to the news and related facts and less to the political implications and interpretations of people who just like to hear themselves talk or see themselves in print.

Cathy Cividanes