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In Sterling case, a call for more forgiveness

Date published: 5/29/2014

In Sterling case, a call for more forgiveness

My concern here is to call attention to all those who are so eager to condemn Donald Sterling.

While I'm not condoning his actions, I failed to see anyone, especially our leaders of different faiths, calling on all of us to practice what our faith teaches us, and that is forgiveness. It is so easy to condemn. It is an even greater challenge to forgive.

If Saint John Paul II could find it in his heart to forgive a man who nearly killed him, certainly we can find it in our hearts to learn from his actions and do the same.

The Bible also tells us: Let those among you who are without sin, cast the first stone.

By rising above such events, we set an example that hopefully, others will learn from.

Mark Malyszek