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Immunize, but what about autism link?

Date published: 5/30/2014

I agree with Dr. Donald Bley that immuni-zation foes put kids' health at risk.

His May 15 letter to the editor correctly listed all of the many horrible and deadly diseases that children used to get but seldom do anymore.

We can't have thousands of un-immunized kids in schools exposing other kids and the general public to said diseases.

What Dr. Bley didn't mention is anything about autism and its cause. Doctors, teachers, behavioral therapists, psychiatrists and others have made strides to help kids already affected, but no specific cause can be identified.

What tens of thousands of parents of kids with autism are asking is, "Why did my child only show signs of autism after said immunizations?"

When my son was diagnosed with autism back in 1996, one in every 500 boys got autism. Now, the figures are one in every 98.

At 18 months, my son was able to count to 30 and knew his alphabet. We thought we had an exceptionally smart child (which he was at that time, in comparison to others his age), and we were so proud of Garett.

Then at age 2, he had his next round of immunization shots, and just a few months later he lost 90 percent of his speech, constantly flapped his hands and lined up toys and books not wanting them disturbed.

His diet changed to just a few things from a host of many, he had no interest in playing with other kids and he had that blank look as if he were in another world.

All you parents of autistic kids out there who say to their children, "Look at me, look at me" know what I am talking about.

We even had a psychiatrist in California tell us we should just send our son to a state mental hospital and forget about him.

I ask Dr. Bley and any doctor out there: What causes autism if not the shots?

Larry Bickmann