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They spend it on health, we spend it on military

Date published: 5/30/2014

They spend it on health, we spend it on military

Despite having affinities for the progressive agenda, I have concluded that universal health care is impracticable here in the United States.

In fact, it is only very precise conditions that make the Western European model viable in those nations.

Progressives often ask: Why can't the social welfare system be implemented in America as it is in some European countries? The question should be reversed instead, to read: Why can they afford it and we can't?

The answer is that they could not afford it if they had to pay for their own military defense. On long analysis, I find no other reason for the Europeans' ability to fund massive social programs except their commensurately low military funding. This is because the American military protects them.

So, it is unique conditions that make their governments more generous than ours. I draw no further conclusions than that, but merely say that good ideas must face reality; realizing this is a check on idealism.

Christopher M. Ellis