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VA is a foretaste of socialized medicine

Date published: 5/30/2014

VA is a foretaste of socialized medicine

The good news from Washington is that President Obama has promised to aggressively address the Department of Veterans Affairs scandal. He's angry. He cares. He really means it. He says so.

The bad news? Not much is likely to happen. In fact, from the president's perspective, the less we learn, the better.

After all, the VA medical system is a near-perfect template for government-run health care, a harbinger of Obama's ultimate goal: full-blown single-payer, socialized medicine.

Critics who predict rationing and "death panels" are endlessly ridiculed, yet that is precisely what has happened to the 40 or more veterans who have died waiting for care at VA hospitals.

Their treatment had been delayed or denied (rationing) by bureaucrats simply because there are too few doctors to treat too many veterans. In fact, the administration has provided a much more favorable ratio of doctors for al-Qaida prisoners at Guantanamo than for American veterans seeking help through the VA medical system.

If you put your trust in bloated government to manage your health care, look no further than the VA.

The really bad news? This is socialized medicine. It is our future unless voters stop it.

James G. Ellis III