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Wake up and smell the (American) coffee

Date published: 6/1/2014

Wake up and smell the (American) coffee

Wake up, America, and smell the coffee grown in the United States of America. Don't fret about foreign-grown coffee being spoiled by the roya fungus ["Coffee fungus could boost cost of that cup of java," May 19].

Yes, there is coffee grown in the United States. It is grown in Hawaii and is among the best in the world.

Kona coffee makes Arabica coffee taste stale by comparison. Kauai coffee will give you the morning jolt needed to provide that patriotic caffeine lift.

Dependence on foreign crops hurts American farmers. This country is capable of growing more than enough food--and coffee--to meet demand.

Your elected representatives didn't care for years to pass a farm bill, yet they worry about a farmer thousands of miles away in a foreign country.

American coffee is roasted in America. Americans bag it. Americans ship it. And other countries want it.

Help reverse the trade deficit. Next time you hit the corner coffee shop, say, "Make mine Kona" and save an American job.

Stephen Oertwig