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No faith in anyone running the ship

Date published: 6/1/2014

Leadership in a slice of time is nearly invisible. You could parade countless candidates across the stage and they would all cast the same shadow or sound the same song.

It's time that reveals leadership, and time in this instance is the wake left behind by the actions of a would-be leader.

As an analogy, let's imagine you are on a cruise ship in the Caribbean when a voice over the PA system informs the passengers there is a storm approaching and your ship is heading home.

A little perturbed by a shortened voyage, you accept that safety comes before a few extra days.

The following morning, you awaken to silence; the ship is floating with no headway. You walk down to breakfast and hear many rumors asking about the approaching storm.

It's just at that moment that the ship's captain crackles from the PA system and says, "You may have noticed we are adrift, and I have traced the problem to engineering--which means it is not my fault."

Would you feel better, assured or at ease at that point? No. Is the crew now operating at optimum levels or possibly broken into groups, each pointing their fingers at the other trying to assert or escape blame?

This is America today. Our faith in Congress has sunk to all-time lows, and as a nation we are ever more polarized, each side pointing to the other as the problem.

Why? When there is no leadership, the many disassemble into jealous groups, each sniping at the other.

For the past six years, America has suffered from a complete void in leadership. Our nostrils are offended, our ears have deafened and our souls are tired.

History will bear witness that this state of spent respect, this vacuum of leadership, has yet to run its destructive course.

James Reid