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Wealthy county should pay for good schools

Date published: 6/1/2014

Wealthy county should pay for good schools

I thank Deborah Gregory for writing about Stafford County not fully funding the schools ["Schools, teachers, need full funding," May 25].

Not only are the teachers and staff ending up with less (no raises and higher health costs), the students will be receiving much less education.

The classroom size increase of one student per class is an average. That means some classrooms will have the potential for five to eight more students where resigning teachers are not replaced.

Sure, some other class will have fewer students to make the "averages" come out to one more, but would you want your child in the class that could have eight more children in it next year?

Education should be a top priority in Stafford County and it appears not to be. For one of the wealthiest counties in the country, it is one of the worst-paying for those who provide the education.

How about taking back the "forgiven" licensing fees for our vehicles to help fund our schools? We were already expecting to pay that fee. Even a small tax increase would be worth it.

Susan Stoner Pitts