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Kindness prevails

Date published: 6/1/2014

Kindness prevails

As a senior citizen, with cane in tow, I am continually overwhelmed by the kind acts I experience on my daily outings.

Here are just a few examples: those persons who hold the heavy, nonworking automatic door at the King George post office, the youngster who helped me place groceries in my car and the young girl who returned my grocery cart to the receptacle. The receptacles are no longer located next to the handicap parking spaces.

Let's not forget the passerby who turned his car around to assist me while I was struggling with cumbersome garbage cans.

In addition, I have a solicitous daughter-in-law, Linda, and a host of caring friends who enable me to cope with my limitations. My thanks go to all the King George good Samaritans. Well done!

Clare Learn

King George