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Reader says evolution evidence is flawed

Date published: 6/2/2014

In response to Marci Shaver's May 21 letter ["Fossil record offers more evidence than faith"], I offer evidence that her viewpoint is shortsighted and flawed.

She claims there is indisputable, overwhelming proof that the concept of evolution trumps creation by God.

According to creation scientist Duane Gish, the two most notable gaps in the fossil record are (1) the gap between microscopic, single-celled organisms and the complex, multicellular invertebrates (jellyfish, etc.), and (2) the vast gap between these invertebrates and fish.

These gaps, wrote Gish, "are so immense and indisputable that any further discussion of the fossil record becomes superfluous."

Further, these breaks establish "beyond doubt that evolution has not occurred."

Gish explains that there should be billions times billions of intermediates between these major groups, if evolution were true. But there is not a single one!

It is impossible, given the evolutionists' time scale of millions of years, that not one intermediate could be found.

Gish has challenged evolutionists in debates for years to offer examples, but evolutionists have none.

Despite the similarities in human and chimp genomes, the scientists identified some 40 million differences among the 3 billion DNA molecules in each genome. Whether similarity is morphological (appearance) or biochemical is of no consequence to the lack of logic in this argument for evolution.

If humans were entirely different from all other living things, or indeed if every living thing was entirely different, would this reveal the Creator to us? No! We would logically think that there must be many creators rather than one. The unity of the creation is testimony to the one true God who made it all.

Ron Martineau