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Cantor getting to the bottom of Benghazi

Date published: 6/2/2014

Cantor getting to the bottom of Benghazi

The media have tried to politicize the Benghazi scandal. They say Republicans are just trying to hurt the president or endanger Hillary's chances when she runs for president. That mindset is shallow.

Have we forgotten that four Americans died that day? That those stationed at the Benghazi consulate had asked the administration for increased security for fear of their lives? That the administration dismissed those requests?

If that isn't enough, our president lied about what actually took place that day. It is disappointing and alarming.

Now two years later, the administration continues to lie and to obstruct Congress' ability to get the truth to the American people. Our congressman, Eric Cantor, has led this charge from day one. He has stopped at nothing to shed light on the truth of this corrupt administration, going so far as to appoint a special committee in Congress whose focus is to get the facts to the victims' families and to the American people.

Even as the liberal media continue to chastise Republicans for working to get to the bottom of Benghazi, Eric Cantor continues to push for the truth because he knows it is the right thing to do.

When we have answers to what really happened that day in Benghazi--and when the victims' families have justice--it will be because of our representative.

I thank Eric Cantor for working to get to the bottom of this scandal, and support him in continuing this investigation.

Linda Bullis