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Academy gives citizens insight into police work

Date published: 6/3/2014

Academy gives citizens insight into police work

I wish to thank the Stafford County Sheriff's Office for their excellent and informative Citizens Police Academy.

During the 11 weeks of the course, I became aware of the dedication, loyalty and profound commitment of the officers who serve in the Sheriff's Office.

The men and women who acquainted us with the various aspects and areas of law enforcement each week were bright, articulate, often humorous, as well as being deeply committed to their families and careers.

The standards of excellence set by Sheriff Charles Jett and carried out by the officers who serve Stafford County surely set us apart from other communities.

I would urge all Stafford County residents to apply to participate in the Citizens Police Academy. It will give you another reason to feel blessed to live in this wonderful county.

Mary Ella Fuquay