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Pro-choice means pro-abortion

Date published: 6/4/2014

Pro-choice means pro-abortion

Recently The Free Lance-Star wrote an editorial supporting the governor's efforts to revise regulations and laws that govern abortion clinics ["Clinic regulations need review," May 19].

Editorials allow one to give an opinion, but I would expect that the editorial staff of the FLS would be honest and present all the facts.

Possibly the regulations and laws need revision, but not mentioned in the editorial was the fact that the governor is attempting to change how these clinics operate by circumventing Virginia law.

Furthermore, although he may be personally for getting these laws changed, his machinations are a thinly disguised payback for the monetary support provided by his fourth-largest contributor, Planned Parenthood, during the recent election campaign.

It appears that the FLS staff is pro-choice, but don't sugarcoat it--call it what it really is: pro-abortion. And after six weeks, when heartbeats are detectable, you can call it anything you want to soften the truth, but it is merely a form of legalized murder.

John W. Powell