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Hot cars are no place to leave a dog

Date published: 6/4/2014

I love dogs. Every summer, I see people get out of their cars to go into a store, and they leave their dog in the hot car. They leave the window cracked, but that is not going to help the dog breathe and survive.

I just can't stand it; it breaks my heart. I want to help when I see them panting and trying to breathe.

I saw a poster this morning that might make dog owners think before leaving their dogs in hot cars. I am going to print one out and put it on my car to try and make owners aware. I am not associated with this manufacturer of the poster; I just love dogs and it would be worth it if doing this saved just one dog's life.

The poster says "Warning: Don't Leave Dogs in Hot Cars."

Dogs are a gift from God, and I don't want to see any dog die because it was left in a hot car.

Sharon Riley