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Warner taking steps to promote education

Date published: 6/6/2014

I have this sense of optimism that as we wring our hands and perceive that things are going wrong, that beneath the hubbub, some people are coming up with solutions.

Whether it be some pernicious disease or an overwhelming environmental problem, there are people in the trenches working on it.

One of the more egregious problems facing our country is income inequality, and one of the ways to address that problem is through education, which has become more and more expensive and inaccessible.

Sen. Mark Warner is one of those people working on solutions, such as supporting low interest rates for student loans; easing loan repayments by basing them on graduates' incomes and allowing students to refinance if they are underemployed or unemployed; and increasing college accessibility for low-income students.

For those who never earned a high school degree, Sen. Warner has encouraged a program through community colleges whereby they can simultaneously earn a GED and get specialized training.

And Warner has repeatedly made efforts to work across the aisle. For example, he has worked with Republican Sen. Marco Rubio as well as Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden to make available college reporting guidelines so students and parents can access a school's graduation rate, college loan debt, employment prospects and future earnings for particular areas of study.

These are just some of the reasons to support Mark Warner for re-election. He works on solutions, supporting policies to make education more affordable and more accessible, and he works across the aisle.

Sheila Clark