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Why didn't authorities stop young gunman?

Date published: 6/8/2014

Why didn't authorities stop young gunman?

This is about the May 25 article titled "Sheriff: Calif. gunman killed 3 at home, and 3 more."

The first thing I did when I heard about this disaster in California, I went to Welfare and Institutions Code 5150 of the California Codes to see if it were still on the books.

This code allows a peace officer to place an involuntary psychiatric hold on a person for up to 72 hours. How do I know? As a sergeant, I carried the papers necessary to protect this category of people.

So the question must be asked: Did the authorities know about this young man? And if they did, why was he was not helped?

This is one case that cannot be blamed on the firearm since he used both a knife and a firearm.

Over the years, mental health beds have gone from 500,000 to 50,000. Does anyone think we need to deal with this issue?

Walter E. Kreutzer