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POPS Orchestra performance was a gift

Date published: 6/8/2014

POPS Orchestra performance was a gift

On Memorial Day, the Rappahannock POPS Orchestra presented its annual concert to honor veterans, our military and our nation.

This event is the annual musical "gift" by Mary Washington Healthcare to the Fredericksburg community and is held on the hospital grounds at the site of the Same Day Surgical Center.

Thousands attend the concerts, enjoying the music, camaraderie and patriotic inspiration. Our thanks for the gracious sponsorship of this concert, and to the Mary Washington Healthcare organization that works with us to make this event a huge success.

Our thanks, also, to those who enjoy this concert, and who will enjoy the upcoming concert season. Find us online at rappahannockpops .org.

Rochelle Grey


The writer is president, Rappahannock POPS board.