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Ban same-sex education from school libraries

Date published: 6/10/2014

I was stunned to find out that the book "Two Boys Kissing" was placed in the Fauquier High School library.

How could any parent think that a book described by Entertainment Weekly as "warm-hearted tales of teenage love" about boys is suitable for childhood education?

This crudely worded alternate lifestyle education material includes blatant intolerance for any other view.

What so many seem not to realize is that parents do not raise children; parents raise adults through childhood! The difference between those two concepts can make the difference between a parent's progeny spending the majority of their lives loving life or living out years in quiet desperation.

A book in a school library that is so controversial is almost certain to inspire student curiosity. And if it is condoned by those they respect, then the perception of some is likely to be that behaviors described therein must be appropriate for them to indulge in.

The proponents of this book ignore the fact that the human brain is under development up to the age of 22. It is well-established that a teenager without proper guidance is less likely to learn to control reckless and irrational behavior.

The consequences for those children are often self-destructive behaviors such as the use of drugs and alcohol, smoking and promiscuity.

Children's brains being under development is precisely why we do not let 14-year-olds get a driver's license, 16-year-olds buy cigarettes and 18-year-olds buy alcohol.

Sex education belongs in a classroom for age-appropriate children, where it can be taught in the proper context or left to parents to teach at home.

Rex A. Hoover