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Shared service is an old issue for this reader

Date published: 6/10/2014

Shared service is an old issue for this reader

This is regarding the May 20 article titled "Stafford looking at sharing some services."

The article states that Stafford County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Cavalier said it was time to take action, adding that he has discussed shared service many times before.

Let me provide readers with the facts about Mr. Cavalier and his lack of action for more than 10 years.

In his last election, 62 percent of the Griffis-Widewater District voters did not want him in office in a three-way election for good reason!

I am a property owner in the Stafford Meadows subdivision in his district; 209 of us have been trying to get Mr. Cavalier to enforce Resolution 82-341 (yes, 1982), which entitles each of us to a monthly utilities bill based on our individual meters.

All Stafford County owners pay taxes, and this resolution clearly states that all 209 of us should have a public water and sewer infrastructure that includes county meter reading to generate a monthly bill.

Mr. Cavalier "selected" himself and Meg Bohmke to represent the supervisors on this committee, which is planning to spend at least $100,000--on sharing what?

Paul J. Waldowski