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Old enough for beer, old enough for ID

Date published: 6/11/2014

Old enough for beer, old enough for ID

I worked at a local gas station. I had the misfortune of dealing with patrons who refused to allow me to check their identification when they requested cigarettes, beer and other adult goods.

I had two employees who worked there for several years. One employee, a mature mother of a 22-year-old man, actually introduced me to her adult son and told me to remember his face, since he has no identification to show me.

How can a woman do this to her son? Or even worse, to another employee who is in training at the gas station she has worked at for about three years?

Yes, customers have to actually have the identification card on them so we, as employees in the state of Virginia, can do our job.

A state identification card is for a person who has no state driver's license. Please be adult enough to know the law when it comes to buying beer and cigarettes.

Elizabeth Doyle