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Who will pay for climate change fears?

Date published: 6/11/2014

Who will pay for climate change fears?

The Free Lance-Star editorialized that we must do something to halt climate change ["Prepare and adapt," June 2].

Like what? And where will the money come from to do it? And why now?

After all, America's economy hasn't grown under Obama, and it slid 1 percent in the first quarter.

So, there are some real problems that need addressing, not "pants on fire!" fears like climate change.

Suppose we shut down every U.S. coal mine and throw more workers on welfare? China is just as busily opening more.

And for what purpose? To stop the "warming" trend? Well, that stopped nearly two decades ago. So, despite tons of Americans' money going to demand great green changes, the climate continues on its own agenda, in my humble opinion.

And it's worth noting that the U.S. has had its coldest January-April on record.

Ben R. Blankenship Jr.