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Evolution and creationism can coexist

Date published: 6/11/2014

On May 6, The Free Lance-Star published a letter titled "Scientific evidence trumps religious views." I would like to propose that one doesn't have to choose between creationism and evolution.

Scientists try to explain evolution and climate change using the scientific method, but I think they are a part of God's plan for the Earth.

Do you ever wonder why the osprey and purple martins migrate from South America to Virginia every year in March or early April? Scientists say it just happens, but I say it is God's plan for nature.

Scientists say man evolved from a prehistoric being--Neanderthal man. DNA research established that there is no relationship between Neanderthal man and modern man.

DNA research claims that life began for modern man 50,000 years ago. These are different scientific opinions.

If you read C.S. Lewis' discussion of time--and I realize that C.S. Lewis is a theologian and not a scientist--he says that people confuse our time (chronos) with God's time (karios).

A second in God's time could be a thousand years, or a minute could be a million years. Based on that theory, evolution is certainly compatible with creationism.

What is the difference? Who do the scientists say created the Earth? Did it just happen?

It had to be created. In my mind, God created the Earth and everything in it. God is real and his presence is everywhere. It is my opinion that evolution and creationism can coexist. It is not a problem for me. I believe that God created evolution.

Waldo Beck