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All Benghazi questions have not been answered

Date published: 6/12/2014

All Benghazi questions have not been answered

This is in response to Harry Jones' May 28 op-ed ["GOP questions already asked and answered"].

He's wrong, all questions have not been answered.

(1) Where was President Obama on the eve of Sept. 11, 2012? What did he order the military to do in the eight-hour attack?

(2) Where was Hilary Clinton in her role as secretary of state?

(3) Where did the video version of the lie come from? Why was it repeated by Obama and Clinton for days after they knew it was a lie?

(4) Why has no one been arrested? What difference does it make? Ask the families of the four murdered Americans.

No, Mr. Jones, not all of the questions have been answered.

Jacki Majewski