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Stricter gun laws no aid to stabbing victims

Date published: 6/13/2014

Stricter gun laws no aid to stabbing victims

This is in response to Richard Amrhine's June 6 column ["Father to father: Strengthen gun laws"].

I would be interested in learning Mr. Amrhine's position on knife control since he omitted a key fact of the incident he addresses. Three of the victims were stabbed to death, not shot.

I do pray that society will begin to examine the root causes of and not the tools used during these heinous acts.

For the record, I am not a gun owner. However, I will fight, if needed, to protect the individual's right to own them (multiple ones, to be clear).

My position is based on concern regarding the potential need to protect against tyranny of government over my individual protection.

In the meantime, thanks to Mr. Amrhine's babble, I guess I will join the NRA, despite not being, as stated, a gun owner "today."

Dan Pate