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Don't judge Bergdahl without full facts

Date published: 6/15/2014

This is in response to David W. James' June 9 op-ed ["'One of the sorriest chapters' in U.S. history].

I, too, am a veteran, and I applaud the president for taking whatever action he sees fit as commander in chief to ensure that not one soldier is ever left behind.

In the midst of the battle of Cold Harbor 150 years ago, Gens. Lee and Grant dithered for days prior to calling a truce so that the wounded could be cleared from the battlefield. By then, most of the soldiers had bled to death.

Now that was a true "sorry chapter" in the annals of leaving troops behind.

The president got Sgt. Bergdahl home safely, and without any risk to any other soldiers.

Feckless? I don't think so. Sure, we negotiated with terrorists; we do it all the time. That's how we got our prisoners of war back after WWII, Korean and Vietnam wars.

I am also a retired law enforcement officer and, unlike Mr. James, willing to concede that Sgt. Bergdahl is innocent until proven guilty. The facts concerning his conduct are still publicly unknown.

We should let the military justice system run its course before proclaiming the young man guilty of misconduct or responsible for the death of others.

I hope our government is doing everything possible to find Robert Levinson in Iran and to have him returned to the U.S. Mr. Levinson is one of many civilians missing or being held against their will in North Korea and elsewhere.

Let's hope they all come home; but their situations are not comparable to our men and women in uniform sent into harm's way.

If there must be a priority, then our solders come first.

Jerome Campane