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Brat voters had different motivations

Date published: 6/15/2014

Brat voters had different motivations

With Eric Cantor gone, there is hope for moderation.

Cantor is my congressional representative. I repeatedly called his office in recent months, asking him to support immigration reform. His answer was always the same: After we reach the faraway never-never day of securing our borders, then we can talk about immigration reform.

To me, if that was the view of the second most powerful Republican in the House, then it was time to get rid of that second most powerful Republican.

In this election, the way to remove Eric Cantor was to vote for David Brat. It is certain that different voters had different reasons for voting against Cantor, and analysts should not assume that everyone who voted against him supports the positions of Brat.

I wonder if Brat's victory will make the general election in November between Brat and Jack Trammell more interesting. Well, why not? Anything can happen. No one thought Cantor could lose yesterday.

Larry Turner