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Stop picking on guns; knives and cars kill, too

Date published: 6/17/2014

Richard Amrhine's June 6 anti-gun rant ["Father to father: Strengthen gun laws"] conveniently failed to mention that the shooter, Elliot Rodger, stabbed three people to death before his shooting spree, in which Richard Martinez's son was killed, and failed to mention that Rodger used his car as a weapon to injure four more.

There was no hue and cry raised by Amrhine against knives and automobiles. His focus has always been against guns, as if guns operate independently, without human activation.

Amrhine also failed to mention the inadequate state of mental health care in this country, while inciting a lynch mob against inanimate firearms.

He talks of tracking guns and ammunition, but not of tracking criminals and the deranged.

Amrhine's comparing the NRA to the KKK was deeply offensive to me, an NRA member since 1966, and displays his ignorance of both organizations. In the early 1970s, the NRA become more politically active than in previous years, due to constant anti-gun threats coming from Democrats, threats that continue unabated.

Thanks to untiring efforts by the NRA, gun owners know who their political friends are, and who are not.

The KKK, started after the Civil War by southern Democrats, pressed for laws against black people owning firearms, an effort that continued for many years afterward.

What Amrhine and the Democratic Party have in common with every despot throughout the last 100 years of human history is the unrelenting desire to disarm people in order to enslave them to destructive ideologies. From that, they cannot escape.

Greg Harrod