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Discontent with LOW leadership continues

Date published: 6/17/2014

Discontent with LOW leadership continues

The Lake of the Woods Association board is at it again. The LOWA recently held referendums to change the rules in reference to how we vote, how we charge renters for amenities and how long you can rent out your house.

So our glorious leadership says 70 percent of lot owners voted. (That means 30 percent didn't, so under the rules that 30 percent is a "no" vote).

The board is considering the rule that every section must approve by 51 percent is void. (Because 51 percent of votes per section didn't approve in the vote recently, all amendments under our rules have failed.)

Now that the LOWA didn't get their way, they think they can amend our governing documents.

I have lived at Lake of the Woods for 24 years; I have seen it all before. Push through improvements, spend money like there was never a recession. Try to scare residents into voting how they want.

Evidently, threatening assessment increases didn't work this time, so they must tack in a new direction. Now it's "let's change the articles of incorporation."

Enough already.

Dion Pfalzgraf