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Mark Warner's legacy: He can get things done

Date published: 6/18/2014

Mark Warner's legacy: He can get things done

Come November we have an opportunity to re-elect someone who represents all Virginians in the Senate.

Throughout his political career, Mark Warner has repeatedly placed the needs of his constituents above political ideology.

In this election, Sen. Warner will be opposed by Republican operative Ed Gillespie, a man who has built a career as a corporate and political strategist by persistently using conflict and divisive rhetoric as a means to achieve his goals.

In comparison, Mark Warner learned the importance of the effective use of compromise and cooperation while building a successful national company. He brought those skills to the Senate, where he consistently works with colleagues, regardless of their party affiliation, to get things done.

On a recent visit with community leaders at the Quantico Corporate Center, Warner received a rousing response when he stated: "You shouldn't have to go broke to go to college."

He cited his work with Sen. Marco Rubio to introduce the "Know Before You Go" Act, a first step in reducing spiraling student loan debt, by providing students with the tools to make informed decisions about their college choices.

Humorously referring to his work with the bipartisan "Gang of Six" in trying to find a means to reduce the national debt, Warner stated: "I'll be part of whatever gang it takes to get things fixed."

We have seen Warner work with senators across the aisle time and again. He is a true public servant and will continue to do what he feels is best for those he serves.

Al Durante