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Betting on another mass shooting

Date published: 6/18/2014

School shootings in the U.S. are like weather fronts in coastal Maine; if you don't like the current one, wait--another is bound to come along soon.

As Americans, we are an amazing people. We fought the world's mightiest military to win our independence. We spanned a continent from sea to shining sea with a railroad. We stopped polio with a vaccine. We even had an American place his foot on the moon, then return alive to place his foot on the Earth.

But it is time to stop the wailing and gnashing of teeth and just admit that mass shootings on our soil are one thing we cannot conquer.

Not all the other industrialized countries together, nor all the king's horses, nor all the king's men, can help us.

We must simply acknowledge that Americans like to shoot each other, and that more Americans would give up the right to worship as they please before they would give up the right to kill another person with a gun.

The strongest organization in the U.S. today is not the U.S. Navy SEAL Team 6, but the National Rifle Association, which has turned a statement about the right of states to organize militias into a guarantee of an individual's right to be shot dead by a lunatic in a fast-food restaurant.

To those offended by my comments, I offer a challenge: I will bet the farm that there will be another mass shooting within the next two months, if you will wager that any state in the Union will pass significant gun control legislation by the end of the year. (P.S.: Don't do it-- it's a sucker bet!)

Donald Bley

Eastport, Maine