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Contempt for science shows willful ignorance

Date published: 6/19/2014

With fracking, the fox is guarding the henhouse

Headlines have an oil man in Texas with an office in Bowling Green saying fracking is safe ["Fracking pros, cons debated," June 13]. Doesn't anyone see through this?

The cigarette companies did the same thing for 30 years. They covered up all the studies that clearly showed the dangers of smoking, and countless people died.

In any issue affecting health, the term "follow the money" seems very appropriate. Babies are now born with 250 chemicals in their bodies.

Read the Wikipedia article on fracking. Some of the contamination that is so evidently happening in other places has not been adequately studied.

The state legislators already voted down the one legislator who wanted more information. What does that tell you? I haven't even touched on the earthquake potential and loss of great amounts of water in the fracking process.

Another question is just how much your home is going to be worth in the future with no clean water supply and drilling sites, trucks and heavy equipment everywhere? Goodbye, beautiful Virginia landscapes.

Cigarettes killed one person at a time. Fracking could possibly wipe out whole communities at a time.

The fox is guarding the henhouse, folks. Study the issue for yourself.

You can't drink money. But you may be drinking petroleum byproducts and hundreds of chemicals. And these chemicals can cause human endocrine disruption, birth defects, infertility and cancer. The risk is too great.

And there are more questions than answers. Stop the madness of getting answers from the petroleum industry. The survival of all who live in Virginia is possibly at grave risk.

Marilyn Holasek Lloyd