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Tea party is 'slammed with false narratives'

Date published: 6/20/2014

Tea party is 'slammed with false narratives'

The June 14 Associated Press article titled "'Tea party took control'" should come as no surprise considering the long, steady drumbeat from the FLS in favor of Medicaid expansion in our state.

It is also not surprising that you join our dear governor's attempt to paint the legislature in less than positive terms. If not, then explain the placement above the fold.

Since their inception, the tea party has been slammed with all sorts of false narratives and baseless claims. The basis of the tea party is to limit government spending and decrease the size of the federal government. Nothing more, nothing less. This expansion of Medicaid will come from borrowed monies (40 percent of government spending is borrowed).

It will also increase the government control over our lives and continue the growth and expansion of the federal government in Virginia. That's not something I would welcome.

I was extremely pleased with the defection of the Democratic senator from his party, allowing the budget to get passed. His reasons for doing so are his own, but I would like to thank him for his actions.

The legislature has passed the budget, now that the Republican Party controls both houses, and will soon send it to the governor for his signature. I'd welcome him to veto it so people can understand how a partisan hack actually thinks. It's all about his power and his control, not what is best for Virginians.

As for the FLS, I expect that your continued support for big government will continue. I expect nothing less.

Patrick Williams

King George