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Parents should demand more school funding

Date published: 6/22/2014

Parents should demand more school funding

It's time for parents to demand funding of education for Stafford County.

This year, the Board of Supervisors passed a budget that heavily shortchanges what teachers can do in the classroom.

Recently passed SOL standards have increased in rigor, thus leading to more remediation of students.

Teachers used programs such as Study Island and Brain Pop to give students a different way of learning needed material. Librarians used Accelerated Reader as a program for students to read books.

However, these programs are not likely to be funded by the county. If a school wants these programs, it is going to have to pay out of its own budget. Due to expenses schools have to face--such as printed materials, paper and department necessities--something has to get cut. These cuts directly affect the learning of your children.

It's one thing to deny teacher raises, but when the cuts also directly affect students, then everyone suffers.

We have to remember that children will one day grow up to be adults and have to make a living. Why would anyone think that this funding issue is OK?

Jeffrey T. Trigger