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Wittman is one pol who truly relates to voters

Date published: 6/22/2014

Wittman is one pol who truly relates to voters

I am a resident of the 7th Congressional District. Through a mutual concern of and work for our military veterans, I have had the honor and pleasure to personally speak with Rep. Rob Wittman, who represents the 1st District, on at least six occasions in the last three years.

I have never laid eyes on Eric Cantor.

Rep. Wittman knows how to stay in touch with his constituents as well as represent them. Mr. Cantor, apparently, not so much.

I believe the rest of the country and our elected officials are taking note of what occurred on June 10 in the 7th District of Virginia.

It is a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Maybe our representatives are finally realizing that they'd better pay attention to the people.

Joseph Herron