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Abuse of free speech

Date published: 6/22/2014

Abuse of free speech

On June 15, The Free Lance-Star published a letter from George Clarke and one from Jerome Campane. Both letters concerned the return of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, but they were quite different letters.

Mr. Campane's letter ["Don't judge Bergdahl without full facts"] was thoughtfully presented and supported the sergeant's return, as I believe most Americans feel.

Not so with the vicious, mean-spirited ranting of the letter from Mr. Clarke ["Trade was treasonous"].

Mr. Clarke, apparently wanting to show his fearless bravado, bravely calls the president of the United States "a spineless human being who would rather put his servicemen and women in harm's way by trading with the enemy than help the real heroes."

What garbage! What idiocy! What an abuse of his right to free speech! In many countries of the dangerous world in which we find ourselves, he would be imprisoned or worse for his statement. He is safe here. He is safe, not because of his courage and guts, but because thousands of Americans died for his right.

He really should have a bit of appreciation and a lot less of his slanderous verbosity.

Edwin C. King


The writer is a retired colonel, U.S. Marine Corps.