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More tolerance, please, for gay marriage foes

Date published: 6/23/2014

More tolerance, please, for gay marriage foes

Enough with sweeping accusations fired against those who do not support gay marriage (or gay sexual behavior) as being insensitive and unloving to homosexuals!

Broad statements such as "If your church and your God shut the door on people like our friends, then I believe your church is wrong," and others, as written by editorial page editor Howard Owen ["All of us are different, and all of us are equal," June 14], are ridiculous, erroneous and simply untrue.

While I cannot speak to every church organization, to imply that churches that do not sanction gay marriage are closing their doors to gay individuals is inaccurate.

If you must continue to slam the opinions of those who oppose gay marriage, then please do so intelligently and respectfully. Christians are called to love all people, regardless of their behavior, and to pray.

So please, enough with the accusations that "our church and our God" are wrong, because if you claim to be a Christian, then you are saying your God is wrong, too.

Perhaps Mr. Owen should take his own advice and pray for himself to become more tolerant of those of us who oppose gay marriage.

Luis Gutierrez