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Immigration reform will diminish the U.S.

Date published: 6/23/2014

Immigration reform will diminish the U.S.

There should be no doubt that the so-called "children's crusade" overrunning our border will soon be followed by an equally large "aunts, uncles and third-cousins-who-happen-to-live-in-Yemen" crusade.

There is also no doubt the that Obama administration, the open-borders crowd and the terminally naive will meet this new wave with the same misplaced compassion and renewed calls for immediate immigration "reform," the translation of which is the elimination of all restrictions on immigration.

On the surface, this appears to be a humanitarian response to otherwise decent people fleeing countries that cannot provide basic services and protection.

However, compassion in this case comes with a price. While many point to the increased burden on our schools, welfare systems and other services, others point to the damage caused by our unwillingness to enforce our laws and defend our sovereignty. It is the latter that will have the most serious effect on our future as a nation.

Many among us are already cynical about the rule of law. Why pay taxes when so many in power are cheaters? Why not play the disability game and grab as many food stamps as possible? Why follow rules when our government allows illegal immigrants to flaunt them with middle finger raised?

Only a fool would not take advantage of the breakdown of society's norms and outdated notions of integrity. And make no mistake, what is going on at the border is nothing short of a breakdown.

In the short term, the illegal immigrants and those Americans who share their disdain for the law will think themselves winners.

In the long run, however, we will simply become just another country at the bottom tier.

Paul S. Cariker