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Is Iraq situation replay of Vietnam debacle?

Date published: 6/24/2014

Is Iraq situation replay of Vietnam debacle?

More than a generation ago, the hard-fought struggle with the Viet Cong was on the cusp of victory. (This in the words of a Viet Cong general some time later.)

The U.S. Congress in its infinite wisdom at that moment cut military and political support from our South Vietnam ally.

The direct, net effect was that the Viet Cong overran South Vietnam, and in the process more than 2 million civilians lost their lives--at the hand of the "victors." Thank you, Congress.

Fast-forward to today's Iraq, Syria and Iran: ISIS is approaching Baghdad, and impotent, ineffective Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is desperately calling for U.S. help.

President Obama responded that we will keep all options open. I suspect that the usual will happen--that is, zilch.

This time around, it is ISIS that is gaining ground, establishing Shariah law in occupied territory. And beheadings have started.

Thank you, Mr. President!

George J. Vanek