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We wasted $2 trillion on failed mission in Iraq

Date published: 6/24/2014

We wasted $2 trillion on failed mission in Iraq

I am writing to comment on your recent reporting on developments in Iraq ["Islamists capture Saddam's hometown," June 12].

As a retired military veteran, the rapid, panic-stricken collapse of U.S.-trained and funded Iraqi government forces reminds me very much of the debacle we suffered in South Vietnam. Consequently, I don't expect the current Shiite government in Baghdad to last much longer.

This collapse is happening despite the fact that our government spent more than $2 trillion and thousands of American lives in an effort to contain this very same insurgency.

Clearly, all of the blood and treasure spent in Iraq was wasted.

Instead of launching the illegal, immoral and unjustified invasion of Iraq in 2002, we should have invested the funds in a national health care system.

Had we done so, today every American citizen would enjoy a tangible benefit: free medical care.

James Blythe