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She's still not satisfied with Benghazi answers

Date published: 6/25/2014

Is Harry Jones' May 28 commentary on the terrorist attack against the Americans in Benghazi ["GOP questions already asked and answered"] intended to assist the president and Hillary Clinton with the cover-up of a calamitous national security failure?

We cannot trust leadership in the executive branch or in Congress. We should search for truth about Benghazi and give Rep. Gowdy and the Select Committee our full support.

Mr. Jones assumes too much, the main being "the questions have already been asked and the answers already known." Were they?

How many times did Susan Rice and others stick to the lie that Benghazi was retaliation for a video? How many personnel were not allowed to testify?

Someone knows the answers, but the truth has not been told nor have all the questions been asked.

Diplomatic Security services are provided around the clock to the secretary of state. Questions not asked: Where was Clinton's Diplomatic Security protection during the unfolding Benghazi events?" Why didn't the DS agent testify?

DS special agents provide first-line defense for U.S. personnel abroad. Approximately 800 agents serve at more than 250 posts.

Specially trained DS special agents lead contractor-provided personal protection teams and guard services in areas of ongoing conflict when the host country is unable or unwilling to provide necessary security for the conduct of American diplomacy.

Security countermeasures for our U.S. missions overseas took on greater importance after bombings of the U.S. embassies in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and Nairobi (Kenya) in 1998, and continue today (but not in Benghazi--why?).

Mildred M. Fischer