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Hurry up and finish widening of U.S. 17

Date published: 6/25/2014

Hurry up and finish widening of U.S. 17

The U.S. 17 widening project has made traffic in that area a much worse headache than it was before they started.

Every morning, the traffic comes to a crawl starting from the I-95 /State Route 3 exit on I-95 northbound all the way to Geico on U.S. 17. The same backups occur every afternoon going south.

I understand that this inconvenience is necessary in order to improve the traffic flow in that area.

However, this project needs to be done much sooner than the 2016 projected completion date.

It has caused major hassles, headaches and delays for those of us who have to travel it every day.

I certainly hope they are working on this 24/7 with full manpower, because it is impacting thousands of commuters every day.

Patty Smith