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More buffer zones needed along the river

Date published: 6/26/2014

More buffer zones needed along the river

The three major pollutants that are degrading the water quality in the Rappahannock River are nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment. These pollutants are caused by runoff from nearby agricultural areas.

One way that people can help to stop the pollution from runoff is to plant more riparian buffer zones. These areas are natural biofilters that protect aquatic environments from excessive sedimentation, polluted surface runoff and erosion.

Planting more trees and plants allows less pollution to run off into the water. The Rappahannock River provides habitats for various types of fish, birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. These riparian buffer zones also provide a habitat for the wildlife that live near the river.

The river is a major part of Virginia's success. The people in our community should understand that and keep the river clean. The environment needs to be taken care of, and every community can help.

The more we put into cleaning up the river, the healthier it will be for us to use.

Kara Ebeling