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McAuliffe asked to spend his own money

Date published: 6/26/2014

McAuliffe asked to spend his own money

Last weekend, The Free Lance-Star published a number of articles about Gov. McAuliffe's attempts to expand Medicare eligibility to 400,000 low-income residents of Virginia.

As a gesture of Gov. McAuliffe's sincerity to support low-income residents, and as a sign of his leadership, how about asking him to donate $25 million of his estimated net worth of $30 million toward health care for these low-income residents.

Surely, Gov. McAuliffe can survive on the remaining $5 million, his salary as governor and the housing the state of Virginia provides him. Or if he wants he can donate even more so he can savor the life of the average family in Virginia.

Something tells me that Gov. McAuliffe likes spending other people's money (taxpayers' money) a lot more than his own.

Ed Wezain