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Focus on priorities, waste, not higher taxes

Date published: 6/27/2014

Focus on priorities, waste, not higher taxes

This is regarding the June 16 letter titled "Stafford public servants deserve a better deal."

I agree they shouldn't be shortchanged (just like me, in the federal service). But I get frustrated when people think the only way for public servants to get a fair shake is through a tax increase.

I don't ask for a tax increase so I can get a raise, because I know that the odds of it making a difference to my salary--once the politicians get a hold of it--are slim.

Why don't we focus on wasted funds and on less important items? Taxes go up, yet public safety and school employees keep ending up behind the eight ball.

We have had these discussions about their pay for at least as long as I've been able to read. So clearly, raising taxes has not helped them get ahead so far. And they, too, pay these raised taxes if they live in the county.

"More taxes" is not the answer. Better management and putting them at the top of the list is.

Vote for the candidate who will not take more out of your hard-earned paycheck, but one who respects you and the emergency responders and teachers enough to prioritize and live within the budget--like the rest of us do.

Peri Duncan