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IRS scandal missing from news coverage

Date published: 6/27/2014

I'd like to comment on the June 22 editorial titled "Polarized."

I find that for national news printed in The Free Lance-Star, intentionally or due to a dependence on national news services (e.g., AP), there is an apparent "polarizing" liberal bias to the paper due to under-reporting.

For example, of the multiple scandals plaguing the government in Washington, the one involving the IRS is notable for its absence.

Here is the essence: A bureaucrat, Lois Lerner--who has the duty to oversee the issuing of 501(c)4 tax-exempt status to organizations--selectively denied that status by (allegedly) endlessly delaying decisions on applications from conservative groups to hamper their ability to solicit funds during the 2012 presidential campaign.

When asked to testify before the House committee investigating this matter, she pled the Fifth Amendment in order not to incriminate herself or higher-ups in the IRS, Congress and executive branch.

Some of her emails have been lost on crashed and destroyed hard drives. Straining the credulity of all but the most gullible, the same tragedy befell the emails of six of her employees--all in the very time period most relevant to the investigation.

You won't find this among the pabulum fed Americans on the ABC, NBC and CBS "news" programs. I have seen some discussion of the various recent scandals on MSNBC (Morning Joe) and CNN (Wolf Blitzer).

For one to be fully informed, one must monitor all the "polarizing media"--"right-wing" Fox News balanced by "left-wing" MSNBC and "left-leaning" CNN.

The Free Lance-Star coverage (actually, lack thereof) does a disservice to its readership and participates in the very polarization it seems to decry.

William R. Wilson