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Moving elections would breed partisan politics

Date published: 6/27/2014

Moving elections would breed partisan politics

I take exception to your editorial endorsing Councilman Fred Howe's suggestion that the city move to November elections ["November ballots," June 18].

Moving city elections to coincide with state or national elections in November would indeed save some money and be more convenient for the city registrar.

But there would be a greater price to pay as a result of this change. Partisan politics would creep into city elections. Partisan politics--and the fractious issues and mean-spirited campaigns now inherent in partisan politics--have no place in this little city.

Fredericksburg is a small town of only 10 square miles and about 25,000 people. City Council needs to continue to attend to the business of public safety, streets, schools, parks and more. The city issues would be obscured amid state or national elections.

Although I now live outside the city, I resided in Fredericksburg for more than 30 years and have volunteered in the election campaigns for numerous City Council members. I'm proud to say that I have supported a variety of candidates.

Although some leaned Democrat and some leaned Republican, their political persuasions played no part in the city elections, nor did it undermine their service on City Council. That's as it should be.

Many of the counties around Fredericksburg have moved to partisan politics for local elections. That doesn't mean it's a good idea for Fredericksburg.

I strongly support maintaining May elections for Fredericksburg City Council.

Jan Erkert