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I'd like President Obama to resign

Date published: 6/29/2014

I'd like President Obama to resign

As a senior citizen, I have seen good and bad presidents. Barack Obama is, without a doubt, the worst.

His speeches are eloquent and full of empty promises. He came into office untested and lacking experience. After six years in office, there has been no change.

He is arrogant, vindictive and untruthful. His socialistic mantra is tearing this country apart.

When a crisis arises he leaves town or denies knowing anything about it.

He has moved this country from a position of power to a lesser stature. He has been outsmarted by Putin and leaves our allies puzzled. His foreign policy is nonexistent and built on his lack of knowledge.

His re-election was the result of distortion, lies and promises of free benefits--not to mention a corrupt media willing to sell the lies and distort the truth. He continues to use government agencies to punish those who disagree with him. I am still waiting for his lofty ideas and programs to work.

As I write this, his "victory" in Iraq has collapsed and he quickly disappears to raise more funds and play golf, leaving his inept advisers to figure out a plan of inaction.

Mr. Obama, please resign so this country can be what it should be once again.

Wallace Renner