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Worried for embassy staff in Baghdad

Date published: 6/29/2014

Worried for embassy staff in Baghdad

While the world burns yet again, President Obama chose to travel to North Dakota "encountering both the wonder of native American culture and the struggle of tribal life " ["Obama: U.S. can do more to help Indians," June 14].

Then he was off to Palm Springs for golf and fundraising.

This travel was while Iraq was being overrun by Islamic militants who were beheading the opposition and seizing U.S. military equipment.

Benghazi was bad enough when four of our citizens were killed on Sept. 11, 2012, and Obama went to raise funds in Las Vegas.

Doesn't he or his administration learn? Hundreds of U.S. citizens are attached to the embassy in Baghdad. I am sure they will wonder which U.S. policy will be followed: Benghazi 2 (no help coming) or Bergdahl 2 (bring them home at any cost).

Talk about screwed-up foreign policy. Let's hope our citizens will be returned home safely.

Helen I. Pixton