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Evolution of knowledge

Date published: 6/29/2014

Evolution of knowledge

I would like to contribute to the numerous thoughts recently published in The Free Lance-Star concerning the apparent understandings between creation and evolution and their relationship.

The main question is, What is the truth? Maybe the truth could be that both are true.

Being a Christian, professional engineer, master naturalist and senior citizen, I feel there is a legitimate possibility for both to be true.

The biblical creation writing appears to me to be fairly acceptable if only geological time is recognized. The ancient scribes knew only of almost insignificant history; for example, there was no idea that fossils even existed.

The writers did as they did according to their limited knowledge. For us to think as the writers did is not reasonable, because ours is not that limited.

I think the basic truth is that one could not exist without the other, because "evolution is the process of creation," as God has established from the beginning to now, and will proceed forever.

Howard V. Yarus